About Us

Just getting your CCW permit and carrying with no further training is NOT enough!

IMG_8509XTD is the leader in Firearms & Self Defense training in Missouri.

Xtreme Tactical Defense St. Louis provides tactical firearms training- integrating self defense, weapons defenses and weapon retention.

Xtreme Tactical Defense courses are designed to train and prepare the operator to face the “REALITY” of self defense.

XTD courses exceed the minimum requirements for concealed carry training including legal issues, mind set, clearing malfunctions, close quarters combat, tactical firearm handling and shooting.

Our classes are designed to take a person from zero firearm shooting experience thru an experienced shooter to a higher level improving your self defense and shooting fundamentals, speed, movements, accuracy, defensive tactics and mindset for the fight!

  • What happens when you can’t access your firearm?
  • What if situation doesn’t dictate drawing firearm?
  • What if you don’t have your firearm on you?
  • What if your attacked from behind?

Most people would answer “I ‘d just shoot them” however your attacker is probably equipped with a weapon, can close distance on you faster than you can draw your firearm, is going to have the element of surprise on his side, possibly on drugs feeling no pain, will be more aggressive……… WHAT’S YOUR BACK-UP PLAN???

Our Defensive CCW and Krav Maga Self Defense courses prepare you for the “real world fight”.  XTD courses teach you hand-to-hand combat techniques to defend yourself against chokes, headlocks, bear hugs, ground fighting, weapon threats and creating distance to give you time to access your concealed firearm.

These classes include intensive instruction on firearm safety, gun handling practices, pistol and ammunition components and operation, shooting fundamentals, dry -fire and live-fire drills & scenarios.  mo-ccw-xtd

We will also provide helpful information on purchasing the handgun that is right for you, also you will receive an exclusive referral on your firearms and ammunition purchase for taking any of our courses.

Our team of military veterans and self defense experts will take you thru real world scenarios modeled from law enforcement and military defensive tactics.

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