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Gear & Attire List


Notice received prior to 48 hours student will receive the opportunity to reschedule for a class within a 12 month period (class credit).  No more than 2 reschedules in a 12 month period, but will a $25 Reschedule\Cancellation fee will be applied per person.
No call\No shows will not receive a refund or a class credit.

XTD reserves the right to cancel\reschedule courses based on low enrollment (typically 6 or fewer students). Students will be notified immediately via email, phone and text if a class cancellation\reschedule decision is made, and receive a seat in another scheduled class.

For your comfort and everyone’s safety, please read the list of Do’s and Don’ts below.


Comfortable clothing, no training gear required. Shooting portion is performed at outdoor range.

 For those that have your own firearm, bring your unloaded and cased pistol and a minimum of 50 rounds of factory ammunition. If you have a gun you intend to use for personal defense, we recommend you bring this gun for the course. (Rentals Available)
Leave Firearm\Ammo in vehicle until shooting portion at end of day.


Women’s 1: Comfortable clothing, no gear required. You may bring a firearm for hands on practice, but not required. Training guns will be available.  (NO AMMO REQUIRED – DRY FIRE ONLY)

Women’s 2: Firearms Included: (M&P .22, Glock 43 .380, XDs 9mm, XDm 9mm, Glock 23 .40, AR-15)
Firearms and 50 Rounds of ammunition are included.  You may bring your personal firearm, but must purchase ammo at The Range.

Womens’s 3: (See Tactical Pistol Course Gear List Below)


Firearm: (Rentals Available) We suggest a full or compact size semi-automatic pistol from a reputable manufacturer, chambered in at least 9mm.

Holster: (Rentals Available) We suggest OWB – kydex or leather  holsters that are specifically designed for your exact firearm model, minimum Level 1 retention.
(NO Cross Draw, NO Appendix Carry, and NO Shoulder Holsters) 

Pistol with at least 3 Magazines
Magazine Holders
Pistol Cleaning Kit
Suggested Ammunition Count for Course: Atleast 250 rounds


Carbine with at least 3 Magazines, sling recommended.
Chest Rig or Magazine Pouches
Carbine Cleaning Kit
Pistol and Pistol Gear
Suggested Ammunition Count for Course: Typically 200 rifle, 200 pistol (NO AP ROUNDS OR TRACERS)

Don’t Wear:
• A tank top, low cut top, top with an open midriff, sleeveless top, etc – this is for your comfort and safety!
• Shorts, skin tight jeans or pants where you can’t store ammunition in the pockets
• High heels, spike heels or any other shoes you would not wear for hiking.

Do Wear:
• A short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt that tucks into your pants so that you can draw from the holster without any interference
• Loose-fitting pants with big pockets to put ammunition in – Cargo\BDU\Tactical style pants are highly recommended!!
BE SURE these pants have loops for you to put your belt through!  You will get dirty!!
• Comfortable sneakers, boots or other shoes appropriate for hiking and walking over outdoor terrain
• A sturdy belt that fits through your pant loops (Nylon or Leather)
• Safety glasses are required at all times on the range

Supplies you will need for outdoor courses:

• Dress for the weather
• Plenty of water
• A sack lunch
• High protein snacks such as nuts, protein bars, etc
• A baseball cap, eye and ear protection
• Your drivers license if you are renting equipment from us
• Ammunition for the day (NO reloads)
• Knee pads recommended

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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