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Tactical Carbine Shooting

Tactical Carbine Shooting

The Tactical Combat Carbine course is designed for students that are new to the carbine
platform. This course includes intensive instruction on safety and basic function of carbines, loading and unloading, carbine shooting fundamentals, weapon manipulation skills, assembly and disassembly, zeroing, and basic marksmanship. In addition, we will provide an introduction to weapon transitioning, clearing malfunctions, reloading, and tactical movements and positions.  Range activities will include practicing shooting fundamentals, loading and unloading, dry-firing and live-fire exercises.

  • Tactical Combatives & Self Defense
  • Effective Manipulation of Weapons System
  • Reloading and Clearing Malfunctions
  • Stance and Grip
  • Tactical Shooting Positions
  • Tactical Movement
  • Moving and Shooting
  • Shooting From Cover & Concealment
  • Threat Acquisition & Threat Discrimination
  • Weapon Transitions
  • Engaging Multiple Attackers\Threats
  • Engaging Targets at Varying Distances and Angles
  • 360 Threat Engagement
  • Home\Room Clearing Tactics

Prerequisites: Defensive Pistol CCW 2

Equipment Needed To Bring:
Serviceable AR-type Carbine With Sling, At Least 3 Carbine Magazines, 300 rounds
Serviceable Pistol At Least 3 Pistol Magazines, Hip Holster, 100 rounds
Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Magazine Pouch or Chest Rig For Pistol and Carbine Mags, Pants With Belt Loops, Belt
The range is located outdoors, so dress accordingly for the weather.

Course Length: 8 Hours, Certificate of Course Completion

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